Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sharing thanks for a good read! Day 18: #TurkeyThanks Gratitude Challenge

Morning Meditations: Daily Reflections to Awaken Your Power to Change
I love reading books that make me think. Today I want you to think about a book your thankful to have read. Growing up I was inspired by Richard's Bach's, "Jonathon Livingston Seagul" I loved Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings Trilogy" and I confess Shirley Conran's "Lace" was my first great summer read.  This week I am enjoying W.W. Norton & Company's book, "Morning Meditations" I love to start my day reading  a few meditations on gratitude,communication, forgiveness, mindfulness, and reflect on ways I can lead a purposeful, happy life.

What book are you thankful to have read? I love hearing about what inspires you. Please share a book you enjoyed reading and how it made you think and feel.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sharing Thanks for Thanksgiving Traditions Day 17:#TurkeyThanks Gratitude challengeI

Pilgrim cookies from Fairway
Thanksgiving is coming. I was thankful to see these adorable pilgrim cookies at my favorite grocery store Fairway. I remember as a kid looking forward to the chocolate Thanksgiving Turkeys my grandmother would give to us as a treat. Part of the fun is preparing the feast,making special family recipes and honoring traditions. One of our family traditions is to wake up on Thanksgiving morning to bagels, and watch the Macy's Day Parade on TV.We love watching all of the broadway performers, and the fantastic marching bands. My husband's family likes to make sauerkraut for Thanksgiving. It's a Baltimore thing. Now whenever I have sauerkraut I think of Thanksgiving too. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it celebrates family. No gifts are exchanged, we just enjoy parades, savoring good food and conversation with our families and friends, and a little college football. Most of all I like the spirit of Thankfulness it brings. At our dinner we go around the table and each say something we are thankful for. It may seem corny but it always feels good to share our gratitudes.

Share a Thanksgiving Tradition that your thankful for!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sharing Thanks for compassion from people when I make a mistake. Day 16: #TurkeyThanks Challenge

Liz comforting our dog Oreo.

Day 16: Sharing Thanks November Turkey Thanks Challenge

Today's challenge: Thank someone who showed compassion to you when you made a mistake.

I was a little out of sorts yesterday. I was clumsy. I went to Dunkin Donuts and my big pocketbook swung around and knocked off a glass coffee mug on the display. I picked up the broken pieces and brought it up to the counter and explained what happened when I ordered my coffee. To my surprise they said it was ok and thanked me for bringing them the broken cup. I offered to pay for the cup but they refused to charge me for it.  I sighed a huge relief. I also want to thank my friend Deborah for lending me her music folder at our concert last night/ I had left my folder at the last rehearsal and it got packed away. I really appreciated her kindness of lending it generously with softspoken words. Let's face it we all make mistakes. We are not perfect. Compassion helps us pick our selves up, learn, and move on.

I love hearing all your gratitude stories!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sharing thanks for your talent! Day:15 #TurkeyThanks Gratitude Challenge

Me using my talent playing with the South Shore Symphony

TURKEY THANKS Gratitude Challenge: Day 15

Share a gratitude story about being thankful for a talent you have.

I want to also thank my good friend Monesha who gave me the idea for this gratitude prompt. I was thankful to have lunch out with my daughter Becky and her friend and we were talking about my blog and I was asking them if they had any good suggestions for different ways to appreciate.

Thanks Monesha and Becky for a fun lunch!
I am thankful for my musical talent. I love playing the violin with the South Shore Symphony. I have met so many terrific people through music. I have nurtured my talent through lessons and practice over the years. Thanks to all the music teachers I have had who helped me become a better musician. I also want to thank our concert master Susan. I had the joy of sitting first stand one year in the orchestra and Susan taught me a lot of great fingering and musicality by getting to play as her stand partner. I love playing with a group of musicians whose main goal is to harmonize and create beautiful melodies together. I am also proud to be a music teacher and enjoy inspiring young musicians.

I love hearing your gratitude stories, and look forward to hearing about your talents.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sharing Thanks for the Unexpected! Day 13: #TurkeyThanks Gratitude Challenge

Sunflowers from a Riverhead farmstand
Day 13: #TurkeyThanks Gratitude Challenge:

Today I want you to think of something unexpected you are thankful for!

Everyday has something unexpected about it. Today I received an unexpected gift from a friend. She gave me a pair of warm shoes for the winter. It's a wonderful feeling to a get an unexpected gift! I also found a penny while walking home from lunch. It was nice to walk to lunch instead of taking the car. This helped me reach my walking fitness goal for today. I always will pick up a good luck penny if its facing heads up. If its tales, I turn the penny over and leaved it for someone else to discover and pass on the good luck. What are you thankful for today that surprised you? I love to hear your gratitude stories.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sharing Thanks for something silly!

DAY 12: #TurkeyThanks Gratitude Challenge

Give Thanks For Something Silly!

Oh know they are going to turn me into Pumpkin Pie!

Today's challenge is to focus on the little silly things your grateful for. I happened to come across this upside down pumpkin on my morning walk today and it gave me a chuckle. Then I also noticed this.

Yes it's a swinging Squirrel. I am always amazed by seeing something new in everyday places. It's what I focus on that makes me notice the silly simple joys in life.

Be grateful for being amused! Share something that your grateful for that was silly!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sharing Thanks for being American on this Veterans Day.

I love this picture of a floral flag I took this summer at Jones Beach. The red and white flowers look  like they are proudly waving in the air.

Day 11: #TurkeyThanks Gratitude Challenge

Make a gratitude list to give thanks to your country.

I am thankful for our freedom of speech, for a nation whose citizens respect the outcomes of our elections which enable us to have a peaceful transition of power. I am thankful for our constitution and our ability as a people to be able to keep amending it. I am thankful for the separation between church and state which makes America one of the great melting pots. We are made up of a multitude of different people, with different ethnic backgrounds, and practice different religions. I am thankful for America where creative expression and innovation still thrives.

I would also like to thank our veterans who have sacrificed to protect our freedoms and our nation.